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There are two types of oyster which we cultivate; the Colchester Native oyster and the rock oyster. All our oysters are purified in seawater from the River Blackwater meaning they retain the beautifully unique flavour associated with this area.



The seasonal Native oyster (ostrea edulis) is native to North-West Europe.  It is fairly flat and almost round in shape.  The Mersea Native was recently awarded Presidia status by the Slow Food movement.  This award aims to protect the Native, which is under threat, but also highlights its exemplary quality.


The rock oyster (crassostrea gigas) also grows wild in the River Blackwater and is available to buy all year round.  It is is almost rock-like in shape and, because it filters a lot more water than its Native counterpart, is saltier in flavour.  


Both species of oyster are cultivated with a passion to produce something truly wonderful. The desire is to share the rich story of where these oysters are from and the history of the people producing them.  

Large Native oyster £2.20 each

Medium Native oyster £1.80 each

Small Native oyster £1.00 each


Large rock oyster  £1.50 each

Medium rock oyster £0.90 each

Small rock oyster £0.70 each

Oyster knives £8 each

Delivery £10 (Tues-Fri) Please email merseaoysterman@hotmail.co.uk for information on delivery on Saturdays.

Free collection from Borough Market.


Sm  rock       Md rock           Lg rock


Lg Native        Md Native   Sm Native