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There are two types of oyster which we cultivate; the Colchester Native oyster and the rock oyster. All our oysters are purified in seawater from the River Blackwater meaning they retain the beautifully unique flavour associated with this area.



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Colchester Native Oyster

(Only available from September to the end of April)


The sizes of natives are indicated through a numbering system: Size 1 is the largest, size 4 is the smallest


The native oyster (ostrea edulis) is indigenous to North West Europe. It is a flat oyster and round in shape. We dredge these oysters from the River Blackwater and fatten them on our own oyster beds. The beds are tidal, thus drawing rich nutrients from the marshes, helping the oyster to fatten and strengthen.


It is a delicate oyster and is averse to harsh weather conditions. This mollusc needs care and attention. The end product is a firm textured meat, bursting with flavour, saltiness and a fresh metallic finish on the back of the throat, owing to the high zinc content.

Wild rock oysters


The rock oyster is available throughout the year.


The rock oyster (crassostrea gigas) looks as the name suggests, like a rock. It is a jagged oyster and has a more erratic shape. Rock oysters now grow wild in the River Blackwater, thus ensuring both types of oyster we sell are truly local to Mersea.


The rock oyster is much more resilient to extreme weather conditions and spawns more frequently too. The end result is an oyster with a saltier finish and a meat which is extremely plump and not as firm as the Native, but wonderfully delicious.






Medium rock oyster £0.65 each


Large rock oyster  £0.90 each


Oyster knives £5 each


Delivery is a £10 charge


Free collection from Borough Market


We also supply clams. Please ring Richard on 07802244113 for more information and prices.  


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