Richard Haward's Oysters

7th generation oysterman

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About Us

Richard has been working on the water for most of his life. He took on the family tradition of oyster fishing full-time when he was eighteen after his father died prematurely.  Richard was at university but came home to study the sea instead.  


In a world of instant results, oysters swim against that tide and are cultivated through patience, care and attention.


We dredge the oysters from the River Blackwater and lay them on our own oyster beds, where they are given time to fatten and strengthen. Our oyster beds are tidal, thus as the tide comes in, so do rich nutrients from the marshland. The end result is a local oyster with wonderful flavour.


The quality of oysters we grow come from learning from our history. Oysters were discovered by the Romans 2000 years ago, we started to cultivate them 300 years ago. We must respect they have been here a lot longer than us; therefore it is about producing something for us to enjoy, but also it is about understanding nature and ensuring we work in harmony with her.


Richard Haward is seventh generation oysterman.  The Haward family have been cultivating oysters since the 1700s so seawater runs through the Haward Family's veins.  


Richard's son, Bram, is eighth genration oysterman and skippers the family boat, dredging oysters throughout the year.